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Activate Your Dreams


When we chart a new way forward in our lives, dreams help us see with fresh eyes and discover possibilities that we are not yet aware of. I work with people of all ages and walks of life to bring the riches of our dreams into waking, through dreamwork, professional coaching, spiritual direction, personal rites of passage and public celebration.


Live Fully and Joyfully

I train people to recognize and work with information from dreaming as well as waking. This inquiry often leads to clarifying personal goals, revamping career strategies, and sometimes changing life direction entirely.

Ignite Talk, October 2012

“Shut Up and Dream” Ignite video, October 2012

Through careful attention to dream wisdom and using simple daily practices, we begin the process of embodying change and enacting new habits that lead to profound transformation. In spiritual direction we shine a light on the issues most important for your personal growth and professional success, blending psychological, spiritual, shamanic, and practical approaches to unfold the full potential of your dreams.

My work is the culmination of over 20 years experience in dreamwork, ritual and embodiment practices, and coaching. I have used dreams throughout my life to help me make decisions large and small, and I consider it a largely untapped reservoir of creativity and wisdom.


Ceremony and Celebration

We need more occasions to share joy. I have ministered weddings, baby blessings, rites of passage, memorials, and everything in between. I have been leading ritual and public ceremonies since the early 1990s.

Wedding, August 2013, Sebastopol, CA

I earned a Doctor of Ministry degree in 2003 from Wisdom University, and am currently ordained through the Universal Life Church.

I am on the faculty of Cherry Hill Seminary, where I developed and teach a course for Masters of Divinity students on Using Dreams in Spiritual Direction. I have been a guest speaker and workshop leader for psychology students, therapists in training, and clergy from all the world’s faiths.

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