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Ryan Hurd on Lucid Immersion

by Anne ~ April 18th, 2012

Ryan Hurd is great fun to talk to because he is so knowledgeable about dreaming. I recommend his books to my clients all the time, and we have discussed sleep paralysis and otherworldly dream visitors on the air before. But when he came out with his new Lucid Immersion Blueprint, I decided to step it up and try a video interview this time.

We cover a lot of ground in this talk, and here are some highlights you won’t want to miss:

What is lucid immersion? (1:20)
Ryan’s trip to Nicaragua & travel as metaphor for lucidity (2:38)
Foundational practices for greater lucidity (5:45)
“Cognitive domestication” – disrupting habitual patterns (6:53)
Mind-Body-Spirit practices for embodied dreaming (8:25)
Lucid dreams as a fruit of lucid living (10:00)
“Bounded focus” – letting dreamwork and lucidity be playful (10:45)
Lucid immersion and the ancient Asklepia (12:00)
How habits become traits – taking the long view (13:50)
Critique of some lucid dreaming assumptions (15:50)
How to stop having lucid dreams (16:25)
Lucid dreams and spiritual emergency (17:30)

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