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Dr. Gayle Delaney on Dreams and Problem-Solving

by Anne ~ April 30th, 2012

Dr. Gayle Delaney, bestselling author and founding President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, shares her thoughts on dreams, problem solving, romance, and relationships. Highlights of our talk include:

How she became interested in dreams (0:30)
Dr. Delaney’s time spent in Zurich after college (7:04)
Carl Jung, and Jungian dream interpretation (9:32)
Dr. Delaney’s dream interview method (13:00)
Dream incubation, and dreaming for problem solving (19:00)
Understanding and working with the dreams of children (22:44)
Problem solving and dreams in romance (24:27)
Dreams and relationships, and how we choose our partners (28:00)
Dr. Delaney’s current research on dreams (36:20)
Dreams and science—and a call for battery development teams (39:11)
Open source dream material on the web (41:42)

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