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Keith Dowman on Dreams and Dzogchen

by Anne ~ August 29th, 2012

I spoke with Dzogchen teacher, author, translator, and Tibetan Buddhist scholar Keith Dowman about dreams in Dzogchen. Among the topics you will find in our talk:

The awakened state, the dream state, and deep sleep (2:30)
Dreams as analogue for the awakened state (3:10)
Lucid dreaming and the intensity of light (3:50)
Dream content in Vajrayana and Dzogchen (10:21)
Nightmares and equanimity  (12:30)
Precognitive dreams in Dzogchen (15:52)
Vajrayana, dreams, and “skillful means” (17:20)
Lucid dreaming as rehearsal for crossing over (18:30)
Focusing on the light of the dream, and the self-awareness of dreams (19:52)

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