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Joyce Roché on the Imposter Syndrome and Overcoming Self-Doubt

by Anne ~ December 9th, 2017

I had a lively interview with Joyce Roché, author of the excellent book The Empress Has No Clothes: Conquering Self-Doubt to Embrace Success.

Dreams and Spirituality: A Conversation with Kate Adams, Bart Koet, and Barbara Koning

by Anne ~ December 3rd, 2017

Authors Kate Adams, Bart Koet, and Barbara Koning join me to discuss their latest book Dreams and Spirituality: A Handbook for Ministry, Spiritual Direction and Counselling.


Amy Kittelstrom on The Religion of Democracy

by Anne ~ September 6th, 2015

Historian Amy Kittelstrom talks about her new book The Religion of Democracy: Seven Liberals and the American Moral Tradition.

Dr. Sam Kimbles on Phantom Narratives

by Anne ~ September 6th, 2015

My friend and Jungian analyst Dr. Samuel Kimbles discusses his important new book Phantom Narratives: The Unseen Contributions of Culture to Psyche.

New Perspectives on Lucid Dreaming, Part 2: Religion, Creativity, Culture

by Anne ~ September 6th, 2015

Continuing this group conversation on lucid dreaming are Fariba Bogzaran, Ryan Hurd, Shayne Dahl and Clare Johnson.

New Perspectives on Lucid Dreaming, Part One: Science, Psychology and Education

by Anne ~ September 6th, 2015

Watch this great conversation about lucid dreaming with four of the contributors to this fantastic 2-volume set: editors Kelly Bulkeley and Ryan Hurd, with Scott Sparrow and Robert Waggoner.


Big Dreams with Ryan Hurd

by Anne ~ September 6th, 2015

The always-insightful Ryan Hurd talks about his latest book, Big Dreams: Psi, Lucid Dreaming and Borderlands of Consciousness.

Claude Poncelet on Science and Shamanism

by Anne ~ September 6th, 2015

My friend Claude Poncelet shares his thoughts on being a physicist and shaman, and we celebrate the publication of his book A Physicist’s Guide to the Deeper Dimensions of Your Life, the Universe, and Everything.

Ryan Hurd – Dream Like a Boss Book Launch

by Anne ~ September 6th, 2015

It’s always a great day when I get to interview Ryan Hurd website on his latest book or dream-based project! Here we are in early 2014 celebrating the launch of his book Dream Like a Boss.

John Sulak on New Religions and Literary Counterculture in the U.S.

by Anne ~ August 16th, 2014

Author and journalist John Sulak spent over a decade researching and writing his new book, The Wizard and the Witch: Seven Decades of Counterculture, Magick & Paganism (an Oral History of Oberon Zell and Morning Glory). The book gives an inside look at Oberon and Morning Glory Zell and the Church of All Worlds, while placing their lives and work in the context of the United States’ rich history of literary, counterculture, and new religious movements.