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Ryan Hurd on Dreams and Sleep, and the 6th Anniversary of DTR!

by Anne ~ January 19th, 2014

On the sixth anniversary of Dream Talk Radio, I spoke with my friend and colleague Ryan Hurd about his latest book, Dream Like a Boss, what’s new in sleep and dream research, and bringing a show like Dream Talk Radio to a bigger audience.

Thorn Coyle on Magic and the Power of Desire

by Anne ~ October 29th, 2013

Author, activist and spiritual teacher Thorn Coyle talks about her latest book: Make Magic of Your Life: Passion, Purpose and the Power of Desire. We talk about spiritual practice, life force energy, and the art of manifestation.

Roger Gottlieb: Spirituality, What It Is and Why It Matters

by Anne ~ September 1st, 2013

Roger Gottlieb is a professor of philosophy at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and author most recently of the excellent Spirituality: What It Is and Why It Matters. In this interview we talk about karma, compassion, anger and other strong emotions, and why so many people identify as “spiritual, not religious.”

Kelly Bulkeley on Children’s Dreams

by Anne ~ September 1st, 2013

Kelly Bulkeley, past president of IASD and highly respected dream researcher, recently published a wonderful book titled Children’s Dreams: Understanding the Most Memorable Dreams and Nightmares of Childhood. We discussed Carl Jung, nightmares as initiatory experiences, parental worries, and how childhood dreams shape our adulthood.

Christopher Sowton: Dreamwork for Health Care Professionals

by Anne ~ September 1st, 2013

Dr. Christopher Sowton teaches homeopathy at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. I spoke with him about his book The Dreamworking Manual: A Guide to Using Dreams in Health Care, and how health care professionals can make the best use of the dreams of their patients.

Howard Rheingold – Online Literacy and Lucid Dreaming

by Anne ~ December 30th, 2012

I caught up with author and influential thinker Howard Rheingold, to talk about his latest book Net Smart: How to Thrive Online. If you have ever wondered what the internet has to do with expanded consciousness, or are wondering why developing better online habits is similar to lucid dreaming, watch our 15 minute interview to find out.

Howard is an influential thinker and pioneer in online learning. His long and storied career includes much research and experimentation with lucid dreaming, and he is co-author with Stephen LaBerge of the 1991 classic Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming.

Integral Dreaming: An Interview with Fariba Bogzaran and Daniel Deslauriers

by Anne ~ October 26th, 2012

I had the privilege of speaking with both Fariba Bogzaran and Daniel Deslauriers earlier this week, about their important new book Integral Dreaming: A Holistic Approach to Dreams. Watch our entire 45 minute interview here, or see below for topics covered.

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Gateways of the Mind

by Anne ~ September 24th, 2012

In preparation for the upcoming Gateways of the Mind Conference in London Nov. 3–4, I hosted a special edition of Dream Talk Radio this morning. My guests were Sergio Magaña, Graham Nicholls, Charlie Morley, Dr. Michael Katz, Rory MacSweeney and Davyd Farrell.

Watch the video here, and see below for topics covered in our conversation.

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Ryan Hurd on Lucid Immersion

by Anne ~ April 18th, 2012

Ryan Hurd is great fun to talk to because he is so knowledgeable about dreaming. I recommend his books to my clients all the time, and we have discussed sleep paralysis and otherworldly dream visitors on the air before. But when he came out with his new Lucid Immersion Blueprint, I decided to step it up and try a video interview this time.

We cover a lot of ground in this talk, and here are some highlights you won’t want to miss: Read on…

Nightmare First-Aid (video)

by Anne ~ April 14th, 2012

Everyone dreams, and everyone has nightmares. Children and adolescents tend to have more nightmares than adults, but they can strike at any time, leaving us wide awake in the middle of the night, heart pounding in fear.

When I wrote my book on nightmares, What To Do When Dreams Go Bad, I included in it a “nightmare survival kit”: a list of several things you can do beginning at the moment you wake from a nightmare, to soothe your nervous system as well as your fears. Nightmares carry many different meanings, and working with them intentionally and creatively can lead to life-changing insights.

In this short video, I go through the steps listed in my book for how to respond to nightmares, and getting the most out of what they have to tell us.